Caravel Wines Golden Phoenix vs the White Lotus NV

I didn’t grow up watching Kung Fu movies...but I remember the kids who lived for these movies after school.

I just adore how this spirit has become the inspiration for the Caravel wines. In this case, comparing the invincible Kung Fu master, Pai Mei (the White Lotus) to Sauvignon Blanc. Semillon is the Golden Phoenix...a rising force in SA. And this wine weaves a tale that, rather than being epic opponents battling to become the ultimate hero, instead compliment each other...becoming greater than the sum of their parts. I.e. blending for the win!

The Wine:

A lovely nose of hay, peeled apples, honey, nuts and peaches...with an undercurrent of blackcurrant leaves. There’s also gentle ripe pineapple, green mango and peach pits.

Dry, refreshing acidity, medium bodied, with a good finish that emphasizes some bitter herbals that are really a combo of burnt caramel and chamomile tea. But it’s the intensity of flavour that really sings in this wine. It is undeniable!

Viti & Vini:

18 year old Sauvignon Blanc (65%) vines planted on Swartland soils, picked later than most Sauvignon Blanc from Durbanville. Reductive winemaking with no oak. Lees contact and stirring. Blended with 26 year old Sémillon (35%) on Oakleaf soils, picked earlier for freshness and lower alcohol, and barrel aged for 2 years.

Final Thoughts:

It’s freaking yum! I’ve run through (and invested in) a few fancy Sauv Sems lately and this is serious value for money - an easy repurchase.  I'm  massive fan of the label art and the way they defy 'wine tradition'. I love that these credit the artist, Caleb Rodewald, on the label. Fun fact: there are 6 different that's a good excuse to pick up a case.

Find the Wine:

I declined a sample as I'm such a fan of the Caravel Wines - so I picked this up at

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