BlankBottle Pseudonym 2019

Aka “Die konfytkoker van die Strand” which translates to ‘The jam maker from the Strand”.

I can’t find my notes...again. In my defence, when you've written as any BlankBottle tasting notes as I have, it's hard to keep track when you're tingling with excited each time you remove a bottle from the wine rack and remove the BB cork.

The Wine:

Here's what I do remember:

Being surprised by just how pale the colour was. Being BlankBottle, the grape variety isn't named on the label - a wonderful opportunity to blind taste the I inevitably forget what I've ordered. So my brain immediately deduced Pinot Noir. The red berried and floral profile confirmed this. And I was soon lost in enjoying the 'Pinot' for what it was.

Viti & Vini:

It turns out that it is 100% Cinsault from a single vineyard in a valley in Darling!

I believe it was fermented with 70% whole bunches.

In lieu of any further winemaking info, and to place focus on the incredible backstories that form a pivotal part of the BlankBottle experience:

These vines were the only food source in the area so birds decimated the berries year after year, leaving little for harvest. Until 64 years later, when the vineyard was finally netted thanks to the wine maker, Pieter Walser's, influence. At 65, they finally produced a single vineyard wine.

ABV: 11.5%

Final Thoughts:

As always, I highly recommend reading the winemaker's story behind the wine. There's some giggle inducing subterfuge when a competitive neighbouring wine farmer was told that Pieter is just a ‘jam maker from the Strand’ who pays double the price to make jam from these grapes. Pieter is an engaging storyteller who threads far more poignancy and hilarity in his own should read them!

Needless to say, if BlankBottle made jam from old vine Cinsault grapes, I'd buy it. Thankfully, they make delicious wines instead!

Find the Wine:

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