BlankBottle Im Hinterhofkabuff 2018

When you're feeling meh this week and the weather isn't helping....but a delivery from your absolute favourite favourite - BlankBottle - brightens up your week! I posted about this wine when it arrived...but only recently found my sparse tasting notes. Because BlankBottle is for pure pleasure...and not laborious analysis!

BlankBottle Im Hinterhofkabuff 2018

The Wine:

A medium intensity nose of Granny Smith apples, peach, lime, tinned pineapples, smokey flint, chamomile and petrol.

Dry, tense and taught high acidity, medium bodied with a slightly oily weight, and definite metallic minerality,

Viti & Vini:

100% Weisser Riesling from Elgin vineyards planted on steep slopes of pure yellow sandstone rock and trellised onto single poles (stok by paaltjie or echalas). The vineyards are not irrigated and the site is exposed to the South Easter winds blowing from Hermanus, resulting in low yields.

Spontaneously fermented in old small French Oak barrels. Only two barrels were produced.

RS: 3.8g/L | TA: 7.02g/L | pH: 3.05

Final Thoughts:

Named by a German journalist who insisted on visiting Pieter Walser’s then winery, that was an old dilapidated barn. While translating the journalist’s article they noticed that he kept referring to Hinterhofkabuff. After looking up the translation, it turned out that Hinterhof referred to the second house at the back of the main house...something that was typical in old Berlin. And at the back of the Hinterhof, would usually be a Kabuff - a little shack for the very poor people to live in. Hinterhofkabuff = backyard shack! But really, you should head to Pieter's blog to read or listen to him tell his own stories!

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