BlankBottle TBC NV

The only note I have on this wine is ‘Viognier’. And considering it’s a BlankBottle where the variety isn’t mentioned on the label, I’d call that a win! I won’t bore you with the usual ‘fan girl’, ‘loved’, ‘heavily biased’ love story.

As always, Pieter is far better than anyone else at telling you about his wines, you should read or listen to him here.

The Wine:

I sent a friend a sample bottle of this wine as a blind taste test. The only help I offered when I sensed he was going down the wrong path was: it's a classic grape...but it's from SA. Ignore the way it smells (it was initially muted) and focus on the way it feels - hollow, cold, like an ice cream headache. Spice, lower acid. And we don't often do a good job with the grape in SA.'

His instant reply was: 'Viognier'. Followed by 'lot's of peach and flower'.

To be clear - Pieter did a good job with this grape!!!

Viti & Vini:

100% Viognier from the Helderberg mountains in Stellenbosch. This is a non vintage wine. In Pieter's own words:

We picked the vineyard in two sections. The first picking on a relatively low sugar and a second picking as a ripe component. A combination of the two were aged for 2 years in old small barrel French Oak - 50% of the final blend. The other 50% was an early picking of the same vineyard the following year. In other words; the final wine is 50% early picking that spent one year in barrel (2018 vintage) and the other 50% a combination of early and late picking aged 2 years in barrel (2017 vintage).

Find the Wine:

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