Khayelitsha’s Finest Wines 2021 White Blend

I’m a sucker for these everything but the kitchen sink blends. Especially when they’re this pretty!

And, more importantly, when they represents a black owned wine brand in South Africa. It's inspiring to see and be able to rave about more of these wines that represent the majority of the population in this country...yet, still too little of the wine industry's market share.

The Wine:

Orange blossoms and honeysuckle, lemongrass, perfectly ripe nectarines, lemon slices sprinkled with salt when you’ve decided that tequila is a bad idea but need to dupe your friends, and a suggestion of musky incense or nutmeg.

Delicate and lighter bodied, with very friendly acidity. Think lightly poached nectarines in a lemongrass infused syrup, drizzled in honey, with a generous garnish of sorrel, a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a quick grating of lemon peel for added texture. The kind of refreshing dessert you’d want in summer. It tastes as pretty as it smells!

Final thoughts

It’s a simple wine...but it’s bloody delightful - aperitif heaven on a hot, windless afternoon when everyone’s fighting over who gets to sit in the shade...and me listing off the array of delicious flavours to this glorious blend.

Let’s face it...we all know I bought into this brand because of the bold labels.🔥. And when you sit a bunch of opinionated people around a table the name and design spark deep conversations that make you proud of your diverse group of friends.

But it’s the ethos behind the brand that most resonates with us: Lindile Ndzaba, the owner, believes that great wine should not be limited to the privileged. Townships, many situated on the periphery of wine regions, deserve great wine - and to not be dominated by big brands flogging whatever quality they’ve predetermined the market deserves. It’s unsurprising that KFW are now global, available even in New York. Because this is great wine!


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