Il Geco Pinot Gris 2022

I’m hesitant to say this......but...I do believe that this is the best non extended skin contact Pinot Gris that I’ve tasted. Last year was an adventure for both Clarise, the winemaker, and I. We traversed the globe, covering examples of Pinot Gris/Grigio from the major wine regions of the world. I'd like to think we've both done our homework. And this is still my favourite.

Il Geco Pinot Gris 2022

The Wine:

Heavenly lemons, oranges, peaches, blanched almonds, sweet marzipan, hay or dried oregano, citrusy honey, brightness and happiness and sunshine in a glass! On day 2 there was jasmine, spiced pears and even distant ginger.

Dry, brilliant acidity, lighter bodied, with a long finish that sustains the salinity, salty lemons, meebos (dried salted peaches) and fresh hay or mulched grass clippings or the earthiness of dried oregano...earthy with just a hint of greeness. It’s pure and sunny and bright and elegant. On day 2 I noticed fermented pineapple that added another layer of delight.

Viti & Vini:

Pinot Gris grapes sourced from Stellenbosch.

Clarise practices a minimalist approach to winemaking: natural fermentation in large 500L Old French Oak Barrels, a 12 month maturation on the fine lees, no fining, and only light filtration.

RS: 1.6 g/L | ABV: 13%

Il Geco Pinot Gris 2022
Il Geco Pinot Gris 2022

Final Thoughts:

This is a beautiful wine. In all my running around to ensure that I understood and could identify Pinot Gris, I hadn't come across a wine like this. I'd sort of dismissed PG as an average grape variety who's only interest was ensuring one talks about the 'differing styles' of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris, and it's potential for great Orange wines.

FYI. All that running around was for I managed to call the Pinot Gris flight in the final tasting exam, bad Chenin?!?

If only this wine had been in that flight!

Find the Wine:

Click here to read about the Il Geco Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino/Grenache Blanc, 7 year lees aged Cap Classique. and 2022 Amorim Challenge gold medal winning Cap Classique.

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