HER Chenin Blanc 2021

Strong women of colour producing tasty inclusive wines - that's a project worth supporting.

HER is an all-female, all-black brand. From winemakers to viticulturist to the all important logistics and finance team - all strong black women. And they’ve pledged a percentage of their profits to fund a scholarship to help others achieve their dreams.

The Wine:

This was an emergency purchase so my notes are brief.

A shy nose of lemons, salinity, cashews and unripe nectarines. Medium everything. It’s an entry level wine that makes for a meaningful moment of reflection at a casual braai...before a tongue numbing round of the Fiery Five Bean Boozled Challenge has everyone tearfully diving for the ice blocks and sniffing as they swig the nearest beer.

Final thoughts

Kudos to Woolworths for stocking this. Distribution is an important link to furthering equality...a link that’s sorely missing. I’m a big believer of ‘if you build it, they will come’. If large retail chains sacrificed a tiny space of their, quite frankly, questionable business models, they could make a big difference to wine equality in this country.

Find the Wine:

I picked this up at Woolworths in Blue Route. Find out more about this wonderful project at herwinecollection.co.za

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