Il Geco Sangiovese 2022

It's a funny thing when you make new friends in your old age. For me, there's always doubt about whether they are friends or acquaintances...especially when met through a common purpose that no longer exists. But when your acquaintance happens to be in your neighbourhood and reaches out to you...that's when you know it is a friendship and no longer solely a study buddy.

I met up with Clarise Sciocatti, the winemaker, and in between giggles about working for ourselves (friends and family don't know what you do all day + you should always be available to sign for their deliveries) and her awesome kid, we talked about leaning into her Italian heritage with the release of this Sangiovese and the Pinot Gris.

That conversation stayed with me. I found myself  rummaging through the old photo albums filled with faces to whom I’ll probably never be able to attach long forgotten names. Heritage is a funny the way that it runs through your DNA and is always connected to you. And Clarise’s connection is clear in her execution of these wines.

The Wine:

The luminous ruby colour is reflected in the nose: cherry cola, dark cherries, a dash of kirsch, red plums, roasted tomatoes, leather, and delicate prosciutto.

Great acid (like chewing on the skin of the red plum), a satisfyingly versatile body, with structured but soft powdery tannins. Red plums, all the cherries...from maraschino to fresh black cherries and all the reds in between, coriander seed studded, a lengthy finish that introduces thyme and gentle fennel seeds (like where you’ve crunched down on one in a pickle and it comes back to tease you hours later)....and the tangy sweet earthiness of cooked tomato skin. Tomato jam! The sweet finish is a cool side effect of your mouth balancing the acid (not actual sweetness).

Very cool. There is a dustiness to this...but it’s different to Italy. It suggests savoury, but it leans harder towards ripe fruit, earth and distant spice.

Viti & Vini:

100% Sangiovese grapes grown in Simonsberg-Paarl.

Clarise practices a minimalist approach to winemaking: natural fermentation, light punch downs for soft extraction, a light pressing that follows the post-fermentation maceration. Matured in 12-month old large 500L Old French Oak Barrels. With no fining, and only light filtration.

RS: 3.3g/L | ABV: 13%

Il Geco Sangiovese 2020

Final Thoughts:

I paid for this wine. Coz why? Coz now I (and you) can! I picked this up from Vino Pronto. In fact, all my faves now stock the Il Geco wines...including some serious fine dining establishments!

I was gifted the insane Pinot Gris...and have already replenished it coz its THAT good.

Needless to say, I couldn’t be prouder of Clarise, the winemaker and my friend...who’s blowing my wine budget with each new release! Also...bloody love the new labels and the wax detail!

Find the Wine:

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