Oak Valley Sounds of Silence Pinot Noir 2018

Oak Valley know how to tell their own story far better than I ever could.

From the beautifully designed label, to the haunting copy on the back:  ‘High on the southern slopes of the Elgin Valley Mountains lie isolated vineyards exposed to the elements of our cold climate. Wind whistles through the neighbouring fynbos, the only sound that breaks this eerie silence at altitude. This Pinot Noir takes comfort in austerity. It thrives on hardship. And it lives alone in the sounds of silence.’

The Wine:

A pretty, pale ruby colour with some initial sulphur that blows off fairly quickly, settling into delicious barnyard. Strawberry, cranberry, cherry, faint orange peel, and some floral potpourri roses and violets hiding behind the funk. All the red fruits on the palate, plus a smokiness, light oak, spice, fynbos and black tea. It’s juicy with medium acidity, a medium finish and soft fine tannins.

It’s very young, but makes for a ridiculously easy drinking and elegant wine. I actually don’t want to age this. I think it’s a delightful, entry level summer sipper that’s perfect as is.


Balance (1) + Length (½) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (½)  = A good wine 

Drink now, but potential for further ageing.

Final thoughts: 

I've been inspired by a friend on Instagram (@wineworthwritingabout) to explore tasting wines according to the Biodynamic Calendar. So this wine was tasted on a Fruit Day according to the Biodynamic Calendar (Southern Hemisphere) .

Another favourite Instagram friend (@shirazzmatazz) was inspired to pen his own lyrics to this wine...I think we all know the tune:

Hello Pinot, my old friend...
I’ve come to drink you up again...
With your red fruit and great taste...
I must pour myself a glass with haste...
Because your time in oak gives you so much to allure...And in that, matured... 🎹
...You are my wine, made in part with science. 😉

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