Magna Carta Mizwa 2017

Magna Carta - wines I can rely on to be consistently intriguing.

I often do you come across White Merlot?

The Wine:

Pale pink-orange...don’t you just love that official WSET generic indecision? With the most peculiar medium-ish perfumed nose that’s red apple skin cidery, dried rose petals, orange blossoms, and old cupboard spice all mixed into one.

Dry, medium acidity...I’m so tempted to mention tannin, but as far as I know there isn’t any skin contact to this White Merlot. But there are traces of weak sweet black tea, laced with the orange blossoms, overripe oranges, and spices. And there is weight in the slinky texture.

Mphumi’s probably never going to hang out with me and my potty mouth, but his wines are a mind fuck in the best possible way. If you ever bump into him, ask him how this was made and share the info with me please? Thanks!

Viti & Vini:

Mphumeledi Ndlangisa makes wines without the aid of chemical or mechanical destemmers or pumps or filters. Picture foot stomping. How romantic is that? He also uses little or no sulphur in his wines. How admirable is that?


Balance (1) + Length (½) + Intensity (½) + Complexity (1)  = A good wine...and a hella interesting wine. 

Final thoughts: 

I’ve already raved about Mphumi before. The Cliff notes are that he’s an investment banker turned self taught winemaker who believes in letting the grapes express their true nature through as minimal intervention as possible.

What I hadn’t mentioned is that he comes from a family of subsistence farmers in KZN, a rural area where chemicals aren’t accessible. I can only imagine that this, his heritage, has played a role in how he chooses to make with feelings and emotion, more than with science.

Find the Wine:

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