La Vierge Apogee Pinot Noir 2015

This is one of my more embarrassing wine purchase memories… know those purchases that you hide from your brother and friend because you really don’t want them to know how much you actually spend on wine?  I know that you know what I'm talking about!

But it’s totally worth it because it made such an impact on me when I first tasted it at an event nearly two years ago. I had to have it. I finally picked up the bottle earlier this year with every intention of saving it for much longer. 11 months longer…that’s impressive for someone as impatient as me! Totes worth the money because it’s as good as I remembered.

The Wine:

Dry, medium bodied, medium+ acidity, fine tannins, red berries, goji berries and faint campfire. With a medium+ finish that just dissolves in your mouth…making you want another sip. It's fairly cloudy, and this adds to the goji berry and guava peel textures that I adore.

As soon as I noticed the oak…I really noticed the oak. But I find the charred wood and day old smoke interesting and charming. Maybe it masks some of the nutmeg, cinnamon and light clove spices that I picked up in the empty glass. But it leads this wine down the darker path of Pinot, and almost adds a structure that I usually look to tannins to provide. Yet the brightness of the fruit and acidity lift a wine that treads very close to the edge of too much oak. It's a very good wine with absolute potential for further ageing if you have more patience than I do.

Vini + Viti:

Pinot Noir grown in Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge. 

The grapes are placed in cold storage overnight. They're then destemmed and gently crushed. Cold maceration for 3 days until spontaneous fermentation begins. The wine is lightly pressed, then racked into French Oak for 9 months.


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (1)  = An outstanding wine.

Drink now, but potential for much further ageing.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve found myself being kinda vocal lately about my meh feelings towards Pinot. So I thought I’d try and remind myself that I DO enjoy the grape from time to time. This was a fabulous start to a short series of  'Pinot Ponderings'.

Tasted on a Leaf Day according to the Biodynamic Calendar for the SH.

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