Krone Borealis Brut 2018 [sample]

It’s Cap Classique Day!

I’m not usually the biggest bubbly drinker…but how could I resist celebrating our fabulous Methode Cap Classique wines today. Inspired by the gorgeous photos sent to me by the Cap Classique Association…I thought why not review something that I’ve not tasted in ages…Krone MCC.

The Wine:

Pale gold with a pronounced nose of Granny Smith apples, pear, lime, wet slate, sourdough and an enticing hint of lemony biscuits. I’ve had a serious craving for Lemony Creams lately. So this nose is the calorie friendlier compromise.

Dry, high acidity, medium- bodied with the same apple and pear on the palate…but the lime changes to kumquats. There's also noticeable salinity. Mousse isn’t something I get to talk about very often, so forgive me as I settle for a middle of the road and inexperienced ‘creamy’ mousse? But all that hunting for the relevant line on the SAT has given me time to decide that this is a long finish. There’s a coarseness to the texture…something that I associate with Chenin…a grittiness that sits on your tongue. I’m never sure how I feel about that.

Final Thoughts:

And yes, for those of you who are wise to my bad habits…I have opened this at room temp. Given that the chill usually masks all manner of sins, I’m perfectly happy to be sipping at this for the rest of the afternoon.

Made by Twee Jonge Gezellen wine estate in Tulbagh. Erm 'Two Young Companions'? Ja nee…at least I tried. 12 years of ‘kappie op die e’, and I have nothing to show other than ‘dronk, dronker, dronkest’. Nope, not translating that because I doubt whether those are real words.

For the geeks: chardonnay and pinot noir, harvested in the cool of the night, only free-run juice is used for this MCC, bottle-fermented, then matured on the lees in the underground cellar.

For the romantics: Corona Borealis is a constellation of stars. Corona means crown, as does Krone. So think of this Methode Cap Classique as a sparkling wine full of stars.

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