High Constantia Winery

High Constantia Winery

This winery is the odd one out as it doesn't tend to play along with the rest. But, the wonderful woman who runs the tasting experiences, Sanneline, has made this our absolute favourite spot in Constantia. The wines are great, but Sanneline is the star!

Head towards Groot Constantia and look out for a small sign midway to the entrance to Groot. You’ll stroll down a short driveway alongside a residential home, and walk into a humble looking equivalent of a converted garage. As you side step the pupitre, tanks and hoses, you’ll discover a small verandah overlooking a charming garden, dam and the Schoenstadt nunnery. It has some interesting history as its origins can be traced back to 1693 when it was part of the Dutch East India Company outpost and was known as Wittebomen, because of the silverleaf trees on the land.

The Vineyards: 

They own some vineyards which can be seen from the property, but buy grapes from the region.

The Wine Tasting:

The vintages are subject to availability - but don’t be surprised if you see a 2009 red available for tasting. They have an impressive library of vintage wines. I’ve only once been offered the Silverhurst wines so don’t expect to see these in the tasting flight.

Clos Andre (an optional vintage Cap Classique at an additional cost) / Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc “Cielo Nel Capo” / Sauvignon Blanc (aged for 10 months in French Acacia and Oak wood so this has an unusual taste profile) / Shiraz / Sebastiaan (Cabernet Franc dominant Bordeaux red blend) / Cabernet Franc

Silverhurst Premier Red Blend / Silverhurst Shiraz - the Silverhurst range is not typically available for tasting

Wines are subject to availability

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Top Tips

Bring your own snacks and share them with your host (please ask before laying out your treats).
Bring biltong and the winery dogs will be your best friends! 

We’ve revisited this tiny winery so many many times because of the wonderful Sannaline and her husband. We know the wines inside out and make purchases every single time - it’s one of the few wineries that have older vintages available to taste and purchase. Do add the Cap Classique to your tasting - it’s worth it.

Hot take: you’ll notice a 'winemaker hobbyist' feel from this winery. It’s both inspirational (if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a boutique winery), but also explains why this winery sits apart from the rest of the Constantia Wine Route.

High Constantia in Pictures

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