Silvermist Wine Farm

Silver Mist Winery

Silvermist is the only organically certified wine estate in the Constantia Valley. Just over the top of Constantia Nek, the farm is within the Table Mountain National Park. They no longer offer walk-in tastings (a minimum of 15 people are required for private tastings). The farm now features a Boutique Hotel - and something tells me that if you booked accommodation you could corner the always friendly Greg for an informal tasting.

By far, the most popular reason (now) for visiting this estate is to dine at the award winning La Colombe restaurant - one of the top restaurants in the world.

The Vineyards: 

The smallest of the wine farms on the Constantia Wine Route at only 6 hectares under vine, these vineyards are planted with 70% white and 30% red cultivars (Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay). Invasive alien trees were cleared by hand and you can see this wood repurposed for buildings and wooden decks. The vineyards are certified by CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH), rich in biodiversity with fynbos, lupin and grains encouraged to grow amongst the vineyards, and ducks and chickens run pest control! Silvermist don’t use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers - nor do they irrigate. The vineyards are cooled by ocean breezes which help to slow the grape ripening.

The Wine Tasting:

Tastings are by appointment only and require a minimum of 15 people. But the wines are readily available at wine stores throughout Constantia. I've no doubt that you'll be able to arrange a wine tasting if you're a guest at the hotel.

Top Tip and Hot Take

Top Tip: look out for the two dogs - Rooster the Cape Collie Cape and Rocket the crossbreed former street dog who has become the estates mascot and whose silhouette graces the labels. Wherever you find the dogs, the winemaker won't be far behind!

Hot Take: before the transition to La Colombe, we had fond memories of wine tastings on their wooden deck overlooking the land. Scoffing fresh still-warm bread…petting the dogs as we’d coax them away from Greg, the winemaker…greeting Greg. Good times! This balcony is now where, the less accessible but still fabulous, La Colombe has found its home. There are ways to access wine tastings - tours, private bookings, private events…but it requires effort and money…it may be easier to pick up a bottle of the Organic Sauvignon Blanc from Pick ‘n Pay.

Silver Mist in Pictures

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