De Kleine Wijnkoop Kreatuur Die Mounache 2018

I’m not going to lie, I covet these wine for their beautiful label designs!

Is it not absolutely gorgeous? The name, the hybrid creature that's so beautifully illustrated, the classic elegance yet quirkiness, and the minimalist design combined with the intricate drawing all speak to the wine inside. It's my idea of perfect design. My tasting notes, on the other hand, are far from perfect. This wine deserves a tasting do over.

The Wine:

Medium ruby in colour with a medium nose of vanilla, stewed strawberries, cranberries, cinnamon, nutmeg, meatiness, blueberries, cassis and pepper. And now it all unravels.

Dry? Big question mark. There’s a perplexing sweetness that’s like eating a blackberry wine? But it’s a dry wine. Dark cherries and smoky vanilla (that’s questionable because I’m wearing the same hoodie from last night’s braai). Medium+ acidity and body. Medium, velvety tannins that cling so satisfyingly to your teeth and tongue. Fruity, vanilla-ry, clear and straight forward.

Vini + Viti:

An unusual spin on the classic GSM (Grenache,  Syrah and Mourvèdre), this wine puts the spotlight on Mourvèdre at 77%, followed by generous splash of 23% Grenache. Both grapes are grown in Stellenbosch. Fermented in open top fermenters and punched down twice daily. The wine is matured in older 500 litre French oak barrels for 12 months.


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (½) + Complexity (½) = A good wine.

Drink now, but has potential for further ageing. Pop it into the fridge for more structure, as it leans towards flabby.

Final Thoughts:

I wasn’t sure about this wine…but the more I thought about it, the more I think there’s a place for a wine like this on my shelf. It delivers a ton of fruitiness. And that juiciness reminds me of summer….something that I’m really looking forward to during these cold and rainy lockdown days. It’s satisfying value for money...and the label is just so beautiful!

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