Daschbosch Skin Contact 2019

When you think you don’t like a wine...and then you come back to it 3 hours later with a bowl of egg fried rice in your hand...and completely change your mind.

Daschbosch Skin Contact 2019

The Wine:

Pale gold with an initially pronounced nose that gives away that there’s Muscat involved. Cider, honeysuckle, frangipani, soy sauce, struck match, flint, peaches, pineapples and mangos.

Off dry (turns out I was very wrong...I think it’s between 1-2g/L) medium+ acidity, medium- bodied and a medium finish of fresh ripe juicy yellow peaches, dried peaches, dried pineapples, limes, with a very slight tug that points to the skin contact.

Viti & Vini:

I don’t know much about this wine...clearly. I believe this is a premium brand from uniWine, a large co-op. I know that the grapes are Chenin Blanc and Muscat d’Alexandrie grown in Breedekloof. I think the split is 70/30...or 90/10?I also think it’s de-stemmed and crushed, fermentation on skins, then left on skins for...well...uhm. Let me stop.

As fascinated as I am by the idea of a co-op making premium experimental wines that celebrate the centuries of grape growing in the region, I’m surprised at how little absolute info I can find on this. The lack of vintage on the bottle leads you to believe it’s a NV...but the SWSA label says the grapes are 2019. I had to work hard to find information about it. The spec sheet tells you plenty...without telling you much about what you’re holding in your hand. I know...I could email them...but lazy is my other middle name.

Daschbosch Skin Contact 2019

Final thoughts:

Pretty label on a pricey bottle - check. Cool blend - check. Interesting wine - check. Weirded out that I know 3 times more about an unlabeled wine that I’m currently sipping at - check. Perhaps that’s the nature of experimental wines?

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