What began as an online introductory wine course to pass along our knowledge, and pass the time during lockdown, soon became a book that we've proudly published in not only English, but Xhosa too. It's the first time in the 360+ years of winemaking South Africa that a wine book for consumers has been translated into an indigenous language other than Afrikaans.

We also embarked on the crazy mission of bottling two wines from the Swartland, a Chenin Blanc and Syrah, to raise funds for a scholarship that will help previously disadvantaged people from South Africa further their wine education.

I hope you'll join us as we make a stand of diversity and inclusion in the South African wine landscape.

You can download the ebook for free here , and purchase our limited wines here. But mostly, show your support by signing up and being counted as someone who believes in a more diverse and inclusive South African wine industry!