The Drift Year of the Rooster 2017

The worst gale force South Easter winds have been terrorising us for a few days...but this rosé deserved an outdoorsy pic.

Fun fact - I have no idea what this grape is...could be Touriga Franca, could be’s hard to tell as I can’t find the info on the bottle or website about the 2017 vintage. Either way, it’s hard not to fall in love with this pretty bottle.

The Wine:

Medium salmon colour with a shy nose of unripe peach and nectarine and maybe some red cherry. Dry, high acidity, medium body, short finish, and the lightest tea tannins...sort of like a berry flavoured black tea. A surprisingly weighty mouthfeel, but I’d still prefer to be sipping this outdoors on a hot day.

As you well know, I don’t really pay much attention to food and wine pairings...but I ‘accidentally’ popped a bite of burger doused in sriracha in my mouth, and this wine is a winner paired with a bit of spice. Don’t judge me...but an hour (or much less) later and I dove into some sardines - the wine expanded the aromas of the sardines and the acidity cleansed the fattiness of the fish! This is absolutely a wine best enjoyed with food.

Vini + Viti:

Environmentally sustainably farmed, handpicked, wild fermented, transferred to very old barrels, lightly filtered, and unfined. 180 cases are made each year.

Final Thoughts:

Tasted on back to back fruit days according to the Biodynamic Calendar (SH).

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