Springfield Albariño 2019

More room temperature white wines in the heart of winter?

Why not. Shall we proceed with one of only three Albariños made in South Africa.

The Wine:

Pale lemon, pronounced nose of alllll the peaches, apricots, naartjie peel, steel/flint, wet stone, petrichor and florals that I can't decide between freesia or jasmine.

Dry (though all those pretty aromas deceive you into thinking there’s a touch of sweetness), light bodied with bright acidity. The perfectly ripe peaches and apricots repeat on the tongue, along with the slight bitterness of bergamot on the palate. A medium+ finish that leaves some citrus peel zing along the sides of my tongue....and after a few sips along the centre of my tongue too. Does anyone else like to gnaw at the garnishes in cocktails...then you'll know the feeling.

Viti & Vini:

The original vines were brought to South Africa by Newton Johnson, and then shared with Springfield Estate. It took time to multiply the single bunch of plants to create enough to build a vineyard capable of producing enough grapes for winemaking.

They were planted on a very rocky, south facing, gentle slopes made up of 70% quartz rock.

The grapes were harvested at night and spent 100 days on their lees...resulting in a delicious texture.


Balance (1) + Length (½) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (½)  = A good wine. 

Drink now, but has potential for a further ageing.  

Final Thoughts:

Tasted on a Flower just crossed over into Leaf Day according to the Biodynamic Calendar for the SH. And yes, I’m the last person on the planet to taste this wine.

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