Migliarina Equilibrium 2019

Let’s talk about wines I don’t really want to post...

...because I don’t want everyone buying up the limited stash of this tasty goodness.

The Wine:

Pretty. Literally the first thing I said after tasting this at Vino Pronto was ‘so pretty’. A pronounced nose of floral blossoms, lime peel, maybe even grapefruit...wait, if grapefruits have blossoms, this is what I’d imagine they would smell like. Peaches, pear, quince, pineapple and honey or beeswax. And as I think about the beeswax...I’m tempted to add subtle ginger too.

Dry, high acidity, light bodied with the most delicious lingering finish. Maybe some almond at the very tail end that merges with the lemon peel.

Viti + Vini:

50% Chenin, 29% Marsanne, 21% Verdelho. I would never have guessed that the 3rd grape in this blend was Verdelho. On learning that there’s Marsanne in the blend, I was also surprised that the Marsanne, not the Verdelho, was responsible for the gentle lemon peel zing along the sides of my tongue.

The winemaker uses shaved barrels that allows the fruit to shine as its truest expression...no hint of oak. If you're also wondering about how a shaved barrel affects a wine, here's what the winemaker had to say: "...the idea is to keep the fruit and not to infuse flavour. By shaving the barrel the barrel pretty much becomes a neutral vessel. The barrel still helps with protein stability and settling. Also there is a bit more micro oxidation than using a steel tank..."


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (½) = A very good wine.

Can be drunk now, but suitable for further ageing.

Final Thoughts:

Named Equilibrium for the perfect balance, no one could disagree with this. It’s so damned delicate and delicious.

I’ve rattled on plenty about Migliarina Wines and the winemaker’s skills. What I haven’t told you is that he’s a massive foodie. He spoke of how his mark of a great 5-Star wine is when a wine keeps evolving and expanding, with each sip introducing and revealing added layers of flavours and aromas that inspire more and more food pairings. Suffice to say, I was drooling by the time he was done talking...and forgot any winemaking info he probably mentioned.

Tasted on both a flower day and root day according to the Biodynamic Calender for the SH.

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