Here are the answers to the previous week's quizzes

SESSION 5 - Thursday, 30 July

1. The 3 grapes used to make Sherry in Spain are? A. Palomino + Pedro Ximénez + Muscat of Alexandria

2. What gives biologically aged Sherries its unique flavour? A. Acetaldehyde created by Flor

3. Choose the most correct statement. A. Port is fortified during fermentation with aguardente

4. Tawny Ports are some of the best value great fine wines in the world, and can be matured and labelled 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old. True or False? A. True

5. Jerepigo can be made from the Muscat of Alexandria grape - Muscat of Alexandria is  also known as which grape in SA? A. Hanepoot

6. Rosé wines are allowed to be blended anywhere in the world. True or False? A. False

7. What sets the Traditional Method (Méthode Champenoise or Méthode Traditionelle) apart from all other sparkling wine production methods? A. The second fermentation occurs in the same bottle in which it is sold

8. The Tank Method (Charmat) differs from the Traditional Method in which way? A. All of the above

9. Méthode Ancestrale and Pétillant-Naturel are made WITHOUT a second fermentation. True or False? A. True

10. What is the current minimum ageing on the lees regulation for all Champagne wines, which SA will implement for wines labelled as Méthode Cap Classique from 2021? A. 12 months on the lees

SESSION 4 - Thursday, 23 July

1. Which two combinations of regions are synonymous with Chenin Blanc? A. Vouvray + Anjou

2. Sparkling wines made in the Loire from Chenin Blanc are called… A. Crémant de Loire

3. South Africa makes roughly 53% of the world’s Chenin Blanc making us the world leader in terms of production. A. True

4. Chenin Blanc is prone to what positive condition in the vineyards? A. Botrytis

5. Choose the flavour profile that most suits Chenin Blanc. A. Quince, yellow apples, ginger, honey

6. What was the crossing referred to before it was officially named Pinotage? A. Perold’s Hermitage X Pinot

7. Pinotage is the most planted grape in South Africa. A. False

8. Choose the most correct statement. A. All of the above

9. Why would you choose to pick grapes earlier in the harvest season? A. For lower sugar levels and more acidity

10. Which aromas and flavours might Cassidy have picked up in his Pinotage? A. Blackberries, raspberries, fig, banana, coffee, chocolate

SESSION 3 - Thursday, 16 July

1. What region in Burgundy ONLY grows white grapes? A. Chablis

2. What has been the general shift in chardonnay styles (particularly in California). A Little to no oak and fewer ‘butter bombs’

3. In South Africa, Chardonnay was planted before Chenin, Colombard and Sémillon. A. False

4. Malolactic Fermentation is when… A. Malic acid is converted into lactic acid

5. Which combination of flavours is indicative of a Chardonnay that has been matured in oak? A. Butter, toast, vanilla, baking spices

6. Choose the most correct statement. A. Syrah refers to the Old World Rhône style

7. What is the name for the chemical that smells like black pepper? A. Rotundone

8. The Southern Rhône is steeper than the Northern Rhone. A. False

9. The first confirmed Shiraz vineyards were planted in? A. Groot Constantia

10. Choose the most fitting notes to Syrah / Shiraz. A. Blackberry, violets (lilies), black pepper, black olives, bacon

SESSION 2 - Thursday, 9 July

1. Sauvignon Blanc means what in French? A. Wild White

2. Which region in New Zealand produces the most Sauvignon Blanc in the country? A. Marlborough

3. Sauternes & Barsac in Bordeaux blend Sauvignon Blanc with which grape to make lusciously sweet wines? A. Semillon

4. What is unique about Chile as a grape growing country? A. Chile remains free from Phylloxera and the vines are planted on their own roots

5. Choose the correct answer about South African Sauvignon Blanc. NB. I made a mistake and should have said Sauv Blanc instead of Chardonnay in option (c) - I've given everyone this point.

6. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have a large number of seeds that are high in phenols. A. True

7. The HOME of Cabernet Sauvignon is which region? A. Bordeaux

8. Which statement is most true? A. The Left Bank of Bordeaux is more Cabernet Sauvignon dominant

9. In South Africa, which grape is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to create a 'Cape Blend'? A. Pinotage

10. Which dish would pair best with Cabernet Sauvignon? A. Veggie Lasagna

SESSION 1 - Thursday, 2 July

1. Where in the world were the first fermented beverages made? A. Egypt & China

2. What term describes how vines are tended? A. Viticulture

3. What part of the grape produces the colour in red and rosé wines? A. Skins

4. What typically happens immediately after the grapes are harvested? A. Grapes are Crushed

5. At what temperature should Sparkling Wines be served? A. 6º - 10º Celsius

6. Humans can smell up to how many aromas? A. 10 000

7. What is the correct order for assessing a wine? A. Look, Smell, Sip, Think

How many basic tastes can the human tongue perceive? A. 5

9. What does the 'C' in the B.L.I.C. method stand for? A. Complexity

10. Which kind of wine would you best pair with a braai (barbecue)? A. Medium to Full Bodied Red Wine

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