Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection SMV 2017

Another classical wine farm with a long history, dating back to 1695, that got decimated by the wine squad on a stormy Saturday evening. It served the purpose of it’s purchase, as there was no real intention of ageing it.

Predominantly Shiraz, the red berries and spice are immediate. With more cherry on the palate. This blend changes year to year so I’m actually not sure what the 2017 breaks down into. All in all, it’s a really easy drinking, accessible wine that kept the pizza party going.

Kleine Zalze SMV 2017

I wish I had a fun fact. But all I’ve got is a macabre axe murder that took place in 2017 in this super luxury Stellenbosch estate. That didn’t stop us from visiting as I remember us (aforementioned wine squad), en route to the wine tasting, trying to convince the estate security guards to tell us the details of the murder before the trial started…but someone’s already written that book. So let me stop right here.

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