Illimis Cinsault 2020

Full disclosure...I am slightly biased when it comes to the Illimis wines.

Lucinda’s winemaking philosophy will resonate with most of us: ‘Wine should be a window to where its vineyard is rooted’. She believes that everything starts with the vines.

The Wine:

Pale garnet with some haze. A pronounced and beguiling nose of violets, musky rose geranium, strawberries, red cherries, cranberries, pomegranates, stewed guavas, fresh orange peel, heady spices...cloves, star anise, cardamom, and musk.

Dry, high acidity, medium bodied, medium alcohol, medium(-) tannins, and a medium(+) finish. Here’s the thing...if you are traditional or have an aversion to VA then beware...but know that it settles down after a few swishes. If you appreciate the brightness and lift that VA gives to wines, then come on over and we can finish this bottle together. Balsamic vinegar is definitely present, but so are the berries, guava, herby fynbos, smoke, and savoury tomato passata.


Balance (½) + Length (1) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (1)  = A very good wine 

Depending on your preferences, you may not agree with the balance in this wine. Despite the half mark, I still think it's delicious.

Vini + Viti:

Lucinda is a viticulturist turned winemaker, so her website naturally leans more towards the viti details:

The Darling Cinsault is ‘sourced from an old bush vine planted in 1974 on well drained, red, loam soils with granitic origin’.

All her wines are made with minimal intervention, and I believe this has carbonic maceration and 7 months maturation in old oak.

Final thoughts

Illimis is Latin for clarity, and I can’t think of a more clear vision than Lucinda's.

Illimis also supports Horizon House, who offer a safe residential and employment environment for people with primary intellectual disabilities. 

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