Fable Mountain Vineyards Belle Flower 2017

It’s been frightfully cold in Cape Town of late (ie. 15°C and we feel every right to complain!) so I didn’t think I’d be opening this any time soon, choosing to leave it at the office over the weekend.

Wrong choice - the weekend weather was amazing! I couldn’t stop thinking about how I missed the perfect weather, and National Rosè Day celebrations, because I underestimated the weather.

I’ve tasted the previous vintages that are blends of Grenache and Syrah - I believe the 2014 also included Mourvèdre. I’m really looking forward to tasting this 100% Mourvèdre. For those who’ve been paying attention, I’m partial to the winemakers wines!

Here’s to relying on Cape Town’s typical winter weather ie. plenty of bright sunny days to pop open a chilled rosè and revel in being so lucky to live in this city.

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