Druk My Niet Mirus Shiraz 2015

I initially picked up this bottle back in August, for Women's Month, thinking it was made by their current female winemaker.

It turns out that this wine was made by the talented Lukas van Loggerenberg. As much as I’m a fan of his wines, I had to put it on hold for a minute to continue my celebration of women winemakers...until now.

The Wine:

A deep inky colour that means business. Intense ripe black berry fruits, cherries, plums, leather, meat and smoke on both the nose and palate. And cracked black pepper. Very full bodied, medium acidity, smooth but serious integrated tannins and a long satisfying finish. This is such a big, decadent wine, but the balance is perfect. I’ll definitely be back for another bottle or few.


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (1) = A very good wine...I suppose the reason this doesn't score an Outstanding is because the pronounced oak hadn't settled down yet. It's a big and lush wine that possible needs a little longer to find it's inner confidence!

Can be drunk now, but suitable for further ageing.

Final thoughts:

The Druk my Niet estate, located in a biosphere reserve, dates back to 1682. The vineyards were planted in 2009 and are located 240m asl, making for cooler night time temperatures that slow down the ripening of the grapes. They practice sustainable farming following biodynamic principles.

In 2017, a devastating fire destroyed their guest cottages, manor house, cellar, foreman’s cottage, and almost all their vines. Amazingly, their cellar room holding their wines survived and they were able to remain operational. They’ve shown remarkable resilience in rebuilding and improving the estate.

If, like me, you were wondering about the name? It stems from the old Dutch meaning ‘don’t squeeze me’ or don’t push me. And judging by the way they triumphed over the fire, I wouldn’t test them on that.

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