Driehoek Mieke Pinot Noir 2017

I confess, I opened this bottle of wine at a wonderful Greek themed dinner party (couldn't for the life of me find a Greek wine in Cape Town) and completely forgot to make any real notes.

But I suppose that just speaks to a wine that seamlessly blended in with the evening. Not detracting or distracting, but one that integrated and enhanced the evening's festivities.

The Wine:

The only things I jotted down were: all the red fruits, light oak, super smooth silky tannins, little earthiness.

That’s it. That’s all I scribbled down. Because the conversation was so good, and the wine was so very drinkable. I remember pouring a glass for a friend, and then hogging the rest of the bottle to myself.

Final Thoughts:

Driehoek, owned by the Du Toit family, is one of the oldest farms in the Cederberg. The farm is triangular in shape, hence the Afrikaans name ‘driehoek’ (3 cornered). They are neighbours with Cederberg Estate, whose winemaker (David Nieuwoudt) makes their wines. I’m a big fan of David’s wines, so it’s no wonder I wasn’t keen on sharing this Pinot!

Find the Wine:

I struggled to find any information about this farm and it's wine. I picked this up from our awesome Tops Spar in Rosmead Avenue in Kenilworth. They're yet to offer an online shopping experience....that might be dangerous for me!

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