Domaine De La Borde Cote de Caillot 2015

A few weeks ago Radford Dale Imports kindly included me in a virtual tasting of international wines.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to sample a selection of wines that they import from around the world. I do believe my little heart fluttered at seeing a chance to taste from the Jura. Erm, there may also have been some swooning and squeaking.

The Wine:

Pale lemon in colour with a medium nose of ripe yellow apple, nectarines, soft honey, lemon peel, bread and almonds.

Dry, medium acidity and light bodied. More apple and peach on the palate...with an addictive savoury, herbal, lemon pith and almond finish that lasts for a while.

This is classic ‘sneak up on you’ wine...I was initially disappointed as I was braced for a full vin jaune experience. But midway through the tasting, somewhere between Austria and Australia, I couldn’t stop thinking about this Chardonnay and its slow burning, intriguing, nutty salinity that ended in warm comforting peach.

Viti & Vini:

30 year old, south facing vineyards that are farmed organically in Arbois and planted in calcareous soils with the highest elevation being 500 metres above sea level. The wine was aged in oak.


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (½) + Complexity (1)  = A very good wine.  For me - it's outstanding!

Drink now, but  potential for further ageing. 

Final Thoughts:

I was given two samples of each wine...and by the end of the evening I had my suspicions. By the 2nd and 3rd day, it was confirmed - I’d fallen in love. With each sip, this Chardonnay became the clear winner with its slow release of faint sherry like notes. My fellow South Africans, this is not the cheapest wine. But it IS comparable in pricing to our top producers. And it is 100% worth the price for the slow and thought provoking experience.

Chardonnay = 2. Scepticism = 0. Side-eye = it’s the Jura, obvs none!

Thanks to Radford Dale for holding my hand through this Chard experience...and for adding another notch to the pro Chard column. 

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