Die Kat se Snor Cinsault 2021

How do we feel about wines that have identical front labels?

It's all good and well when they're displayed, by category, on the shelves of your favourite boutique wine. But once they're stored horizontally on your wine rack...what then?

Well, if you're me...and you're looking for the Sauvignon Blanc but keep pulling out the Cinsaults then Pinot Noirs, then you take a step back and start thinking about the visual differences. Feel free to play along...the answer is at the very end.

The Wine:

The colour on this! Undeniably magenta...that’s cloudy and lets you know so much about the wine before you even take a sip.

A pronounced nose of strawberries, sour cherries, balsamic vinegar, and some faint baking spices.

Dry, higher acid, medium alcohol, soft powdery tannins, medium bodied with a very tart raspberry, pomegranate and cherry palate, and a satisfying texture that gives this simpler wine more weight. Oddly enough, I might give this a decant next time as the tartness becomes more manageable on the second day. If you’re a traditionalist, this probably isn’t for you. But I’m not...so I find this minimalist wine super refreshing, energetic, and exciting.

Vini + Viti:

I know little to nothing about these wines other than that the winemaker, Gerhard Smith's day job is at Creation Wines. So here's an excerpt from the winemaker:
"This Cinsault comes from bush vine farmed grapes from the Welgelegen farm in Stellenbosch.  I’ve gone away from a bigger, more structured style of Cinsault to attempt to enhance the bright fruit, floral notes and freshness of the grape. I’ve also used shorter time in barrel to this effect (10 months in older French oak). There is still a good, linear tannin structure and dry finish with a savoury hint on the back palate. My attempt at a great red wine for summer."


Balance (1) + Length (½) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (½)  = A good wine 

Drink now because I think this is designed for early enjoyment...but I'd also be curious to save a bottle for a year or two based on how much more integrated this became after seeing some air.

Final thoughts (or spot the difference answer): 

The difference, other than the wine on the left being the Sauvignon Blanc, is that one is waxed and has a branded cork. And ja, the bottles are slightly different colours (and weights)...but you’d need to examine the punt or have eagle eyes to spot this.

Find the Wine:

Another wine from from the  Han Drinks Solo subscription. 

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