Clemens Busch Marienburg Falkenlay GG 2018

If there was one international producer that's stood out for me in 2022, it is Clemens Busch.

I've had the pleasure of trying each of the Clemens Busch wines that are imported to SA multiple times this year. But this is the wine that really stood out to me. but this bottle stands heads and shoulders above the rest. I am already looking forward to the next shipment.

The Wine:

Pale lemon with a pronounced nose of dried flowers, ripe peaches, apricots, baked apples, slatey stone, honey, orange peel, dried pineapples, ginger, smoky, light petrol...or better yet candle wax, traces of caramel and butterscotch.

Dry, high acidity, a rich dense medium(+) body, medium alcohol, and a long finish. The pears and burnt sugar/caramel is quite prominent on the back palate.

Viti + Vini:

Organic since 1986 and biodynamic since 2005. The winery is run by a 5th gen winemaker (all named Clemens?!?). I've never really fantasised about visiting the Mosel until I saw the photos of their vineyards - their slopes have THE most incredible views of the Mosel River, with these specific vines planted on the grey slate part of the Marienburg vineyard.

All Clemens Busch wines go through spontaneous fermentation, minimal intervention, and this wine is aged in traditional oak casks.

Final thoughts:

Fun fact: this wine was a dud the first time we tried it in a massive flight of German wines. But, after being Coravined for a few was singing! My theory is that it got lost in and amongst the auslese and beerenauslese wines...possibly even TBA!

Find the wine:

I believe we sourced all our Clemens Busch wines  from Wine Cellar.

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