Catherine Marshall Riesling 2021

This is a bit short and to the point because I’ve raved about Catherine Marshall before. And we don't need another love letter to one of my favourite female...nay, favourite winemakers!

Catherine Marshall Riesling 2021

The Wine:

Medium intensity nose of green apples, limes, honey, and yes...traces of kerosene. Take a sip and it’s an explosion of bright bright bright lemons, teensy bit of metallic pineapple, tart apricots, and green apple.

Off dry, medium- bodied, deliciously high acidity, and a medium-ish finish. It’s light but intense.

Vini + Viti:

The grapes are from cool climate Elgin and picked at 19° Balling. The must was settled for 2 days after pressing, inoculated, cold fermentation for 26 days, fined and lightly filtered.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t think I’ve ever known that the distinctive art on the label is by Hannetjie de Clercq. Possible New Years resolution: read the back labels more often! Absolute New Years resolution: pop into Vino Pronto more often!

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