But how long have you known about this?

Remember when you were a kid and, on a Sunday night, you’d guiltily announce to your parents that you have a project due on Monday morning?

A project that required glue and cardboard and (pre internet) research. Remember the look they’d give you and the dreaded words ‘but how long have you known about this?’.

You already knew the speech was coming about ‘you should know better’ and ‘didn't you learn your lesson last time?’. Somehow you’d figure out a way to cobble together something with the help of neighbours who had glue and a set of Encyclopaedia Brittanica books.

I can appreciate the reasons behind the decision to ban alcohol again but, Uncle Cyril, with all due respect, how long have you known about this?

Sadly, my takeaway for lockdown is a sense of betrayal and an insurmountable loss of faith in the decision making of our country’s leaders (this isn't limited to just alcohol). I’m a control freak, so the level of faith I have in anyone will always be questionable. My generation clearly remembers feeling betrayed by the previous regime, and every one of us felt the more recent stab of a corrupt president who left his country bleeding.

Lockdown has reinforced these feelings.

It’s funny how, as you get older, the words of your parents ring ever truer. I should have known better than to believe that prohibition wouldn’t return. Did I not learn my lesson last time? It feels appropriate to throw in a generous dash of 'fool me once'.

Let's pray that the wine industry will be able to cobble together what little resources and morale remain to survive this second attack on their livelihoods.

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