BlankBottle Sin A Bhfuil 2016

Tempranillo, Carignan and Nebbiolo! Say what now?

But that’s the experimental awesomeness of BlankBottle and his 30-ish different wines that he produces each year.

The Wine:

Brick red in colour with a medium intensity nose of dark cherries, red plums, slight sultanas, orange peel, cigar box, pepper, cloves, pot pourri rose petals and savoury umami funk.

Dry, high acidity, high tannins and full bodied. The red fruits repeat on the palate with a long spicy finish. It’s a beautiful floral and dark-fruity wine with sleek decided structure. I’m glad I have a spare bottle on the shelf.

Vini + Viti:

I unfortunately don't have any information about this wine and the way it was made.


Balance (1) + Length (1) + Intensity (½) + Complexity (1) = A very good wine.

Drink now, but has potential for further ageing.

Final Thoughts:

According to an Instagram friend, Sin a Bhfuil is an idiom or saying that means, “That’s it” or “Thats all there is to it".  Combining Tempranillo, Carignan and Nebbiolo is an unusual decision. But knowing how Pieter Walser loves to experiment, this doesn't really surprise me...that much. It's not a blend that I've ever come across, but it works so very well. I can just picture him merrily blending away, suddenly wondering why the hell not combine these grapes, and after tasting this blend (that reminds me of a spicy Rhône) thinking 'That's it'!

Tasted on back to back Leaf Days according to the Biodynamic Calendar for the SH.

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