BlankBottle Manon de Sources 2016

BlankBottle is one of two wineries who always make me feel safe.

I find myself retreating to these wines any time I'm confused, overwhelmed, or feeling despondent about wine. They have a way of reinvigorating my excitement for wine.

The Wine:

Pale lemon with a medium nose that opens up to offer honeysuckle, dense crystallised honey, dried and fresh pineapple, fresh apricot, dried peaches, lime, sea air, and salted nuts. I was hoping for petrol….but I’m really reaching for a possible whiff of waxy lanolin if I close my eyes and really wish for it. And even then, it’s more beeswax than floor wax.

Dry but with some noticeable residual sugar, medium acidity, medium body, florals blossoms, dried peaches, baked apple, honey, green melon skin…or the white part just under the skin, umami, herbals, green pepper, and blackcurrant leaf.

This is going to sound weird…but it felt like a watered down yet richer Sauvignon Blanc with an oily weight and a surprisingly lower level of acidity than expected. It’s a fun combo of Weisser Riesling, Sémillon, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. The Sémillon is definitely noticeable on the palate…and the Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon are apparent in the finish. It feels thick and broad…in a good way. In a way that makes you want to take another sip.


Balance (1) + Length (½) + Intensity (1) + Complexity (½)  = A good wine. 

This is already 5 years old so I'd suggest you drink up and put in your order for the next vintage.

Final Thoughts:

No surprises that I absolutely loved this wine. What I didn’t love was how my wine shelf likes to eat labels.

Speaking of labels, this was drawn by the winemaker’s daughter. Is there anything more delightful than kids drawings? There’s a charming tale behind the risky name but, as always, you should head to Pieter’s website where you can either read the tales or listen to him tell you the stories behind his wines. He's a born storyteller and I urge you to listen to him tell these delightful tales.

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